Support Local Journalism

Portablevoices Podcast Network’s aim is to to keep the society informed. We support local journalist to tell stories in their communities and cover local news through quality reporting, expert analysis, and thoughtful commentary that connects us to our communities and the world we live in. This critical work is made possible by the contributions of individuals and institutions who believe in the shared mission of PPN and the member journalists: to empower minds through narratives 

You can support our mission by contributing in the following ways:

Individual Giving

Individuals that donate to PortableVoices Podcast Network or individual programs ensure that we are able to continue sharing stories that inform and inspire audiences. Donations of any size help advance this essential public service.

Institutional Giving

Institutional grants and donations provide critical support the network offer local journalist to local stories and educational programming PortableVoices Podcast Network and member journalist disseminate every week. The support ensures that the journalists are able to continue producing local unbiased news and stories thus promoting local unbiased independent journalism. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship helps PortableVoices Podcast Network to support local journalists efforts to continue producing trusted editorial content.  In return PortableVoices Podcast Network offers companies the chance to make a positive impact in support local stories.

Ways to Give:

With a Cheque:

Send a check made payable to PortableVoices Creatives to our bank Post Office box. Mail check donations to:

KCB: – Kencom House, Moi Avenue Street, P.O. Box 30081- 00100

With Paybill

KCB Paybill: 522 522
Account: 1205575499